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Lednice -- Valtice Cultural Landscape - Czech Republic - UNESCO World Heritage

by Super User, 7 years ago
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At the end of the 18th century, the local manor lordship -- the House of Liechtenstein -- began to create a unique manmade landscape complex: The Lednice -- Valtice Area. During the 19th century, the Liechtenstein family continued transforming the area, which has since been called the "Garden of Europe", into a large landscape park with two centres:
Valtice Castle (and contiguous town)
Lednice Castle (and contiguous village)
In 1715 these two localities were connected by the so-called Bezruč Avenue. There is also one more village - Hlohovec. Between Lednice, Valtice and Hlohovec, the Lednice Ponds (Lednické rybníky) are situated, together with Mlýnský, Prostřední, Hlohovecký and Nesyt Ponds. A substantial part of the complex is covered with pines called the Pine wood (Boří les), and partially with a riparian forest adjacent to the River Dyje.
Except for above mentioned, there are a lot of bigger or smaller pavilions scattered throughout the whole complex, often serving as hunting lodges.:[1]
Rajsna (German: Reistna, The Colonnade)
- a Classicist colonnade on the top of a hill ridge above Valtice (like a gloriette) from 1810s-1820s

The Colonnade in Valtice
Rendezvous (or Temple of Diana)
- a hunting lodge in a form of a Classicist arch from 1810s
St Hubert Chapel (Kaple svatého Huberta)
- a Neo-Gothic column structure from 1850s dedicated to the patron saint of hunters, situated in the Pine wood
Border House (Hraniční zámeček)
- a Classicist chateau built in 1820s directly on the former (until 1920) bordline between Lower Austria and Moravia
Temple of the Three Graces (Tři Grácie)
- a semicircle gallery with allegorical statues of Sciences and Muses and a statue of the Three Graces from 1820s
Pond House (Rybniční zámeček)
- ashore of one of the Lednice Ponds
Nový dvůr (German: Neuhof, New Farm) - a Classicist farm finished in 1809, originally used for sheep husbandry, nowadays for horse breeding
Apollo Temple (Apollónův chrám)
- a Classicist hunting lodge from 1810s, ashore of one of the Lednice Ponds
Hunting Lodge (Lovecký zámeček)
- a Classicist house from 1806
John's Castle (Janohrad)
- a Neo-Gothic "artificial ruins" (Czech: umělá zřícenina, German: künstliche Ruine) in style of a castle, finished in 1810
- a Moorish Revival structure (62 m high) in the Lednice Castle garden (finished in 1804), it serves as an observation tower
- erected in memory of the peace treaty of Campo Formio (1798)
- an Empire-style hunting lodge finished after 1812, it houses an exhibition of Břeclav Town Museum:
close to the lodge there are both an important archaeological site of Great Moravian remains and reconstructed parts of the Czechoslovak border fortifications
- an Empire-style hunting lodge from the beginning of the 19th century
(Source Wikipedia)

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